Conflict coaching can help people in conflict situations, even if not all the parties to the conflict are ready or able to be involved in jointly moving it towards resolution.


Conflict Coaching can help people:

  • find support and comfort in the midst of conflict
  • gain perspective on the issues
  • identify issues they can address themselves even if other parties are not participating
  • grow personally even during periods of stress and difficulty
  • develop a strategy for relating to the other parties.

Mediation involves multiple parties to a conflict. In my mediation cases, I seek to help parties address both the substantive issues in the conflict and any underlying issues that affect the conflict. Sometimes those issues turn out to be more significant than the initial conflict!


Mediation helps to identify all the issues and get them on the table so they can be addressed. It helps all parties assume responsibility for addressing their own issues and for seeking appropriate ways to resolve the conflict or reconcile with their opponents.  Mediation of complex cases frequently involves numerous parties, sometimes over substantial periods of time. 

Arbitration is a way of obtaining a binding decision from a neutral arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators without the involvement of the courts and the judicial process.  I will generally not serve as an arbitrator in cases in which I have served as a conflict coach or mediator. In addition to my qualifications as a Certified Christian Conciliator, I am on several Labor Arbitration panels.

Speaking or teaching on conflict issues
I have spoken to a variety of groups on numerous conflict-related topics and am available for retreats, seminars or classroom teaching. Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss speaking or teaching opportunities.