Do you know how to respond when you’re faced with conflict?

Are you put off by it?

Angered by it?

Has a particular conflict got you down? Do you lie awake thinking about it? Are you tired of just fighting?

Are you in a dispute about money? Are your relationships at work not going well?

Do you have fights or conflicts in your family? Your ministry? Your church?

Has a lawsuit been filed? Is one threatened?

Welcome to my website.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve read this far, you already know that conflict is a frequent occurrence throughout our lives. It can occur suddenly, without warning. Or a situation you carefully plan for in advance can turn out really badly. It can be nagging, low level kinds of things. It can be explosive.

While conflict will be part of all of our lives, we can in fact find understanding and comfort even in the midst of conflict. As we deal with the conflicts we all face, we can learn about ourselves. Living through conflict can even be a growing experience. We can learn how to relate better to the other people involved in the conflict, and what it means to love our enemies. Almost always, we can help move conflicts towards resolution by the way we respond and interact with others. That’s what this website and my practice of Christian dispute resolution are all about.